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Fast Facts About Texas

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State Capital: Austin

Population: 26 million (2013)

Area: 266,807 square miles

Borders: Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Mexico

Time zone: Central for most of the state; Mountain for the far western edge of Texas

Postal abbreviation: TX

State Flower: bluebonnet

State Large Mammal: Texas longhorn

State Small Mammal: armadillo

State Flying Mammal: Mexican free-tailed bat

State bird: mockingbird

State Insect: Monarch butterfly

State tree: pecan

State dish: chili

State Onion: 1015 Onion (named because the suggested planting date is Oct. 15th)

State Fruit: Texas red grapefruit

State Pepper: jalapeño

State Song: “Texas, Our Texas”

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