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Dr. Haunt's Chamber of Fear
Location: 2235 N I-35
Date: Friday - Sunday October 5 - 28; October 29 - 31

Be afraid of the things that go bump in the night as you make your way through a series of mazes, rooms and tunnels filled with maniacal clowns and bloodthirsty madmen. Go to the venue's official web site for a coupon for this intense $15 event, which is produced by students from North Central Texas College.

Grand Prairie

Nightmare At The Wax Museum
Location: Louis Tussaud's Palace of Wax
Dates: Fridays and Saturdays October 5 - October 27, also open October 28 and October 31
Not all the figures at the wax museum are fake, as you will find out as you explore a mad sculptor's lair. Meet Gunnar Hansen, the original Leatherface of "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" fame on October 26 and 27.


The Rotting Flesh Factory
Location: 318 West Jefferson
Dates: Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays October 5 - 21 and October 25 - 31.

Living Dead Nightmare Productions offers four weeks of fright with a PG-13 haunted house where visitors discover what truly whets the appetite of the Alvarez family. Fans of fright flicks can meet "Children of the Corn" star Courtney Gains and the man behind the makeup in "Jeepers Creepers," Jonathan Breck.


Houston Haunted Houses
Location: 1500 Elton. St.
Dates: Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays October 4 - 28 and October 29 - 31

At the Castle of Doom, explore a medieval fortress which still holds the evil that took place within its walls centuries before, while the inmates at The Sanitarium play mind games with visitors nearby. Once you've made your escape from the asylum, The Texas Chainsaw Maze awaits. Enjoy your monster mash with scary movies and music, which play for ticket holders in line.

Location: 18777 Hwy 290
Dates: September 22 and September 28 - 30; Fridays through Sundays October 5 - 21, and October 25 - Halloween.

Located on 30 acres, this five attraction site offers not only its time-tested trial of terror, Darke Institute, but also Simon Fowler Woods, 3-D Clown Phobia, the Asylum, and Claustrophobia, the venue's latest addition. Go to Phobia's official web site for a discount coupon to the event. Due to the intensity of the attractions, this event is not recommended for young children.

Location: 2225 N. Sam Houston Pkwy. W
Dates: Friday - Sunday September 21 - 30; Thursday - Sunday October 4 - October 28; also open October 29 - November 3

If you can find your way through the outdoor Maze of Maniacs, check in to the Haunted Hotel, the first of three attractions under one roof. Who knows what evil lurks in the Edge of Darkness, the venue's following foray into fear, and the maniacal masterpieces that line the walls at Movie Monsters in 3-D. End your tour by paying your respects to the deranged departed lying in wait at the Tobias Strange Family Cemetery. Due to the graphic nature of the attraction, it is recommended that young children do not attend. Go to the venue's official web site for a discount coupon.


Terror on The Bayou
Location: 1602 State Hwy. 49 E.
Date: Fridays through Sundays, the last three weekends in October.

The train whistle mimics the screams of the passengers who dare to climb aboard the Runaway Fright Train, which makes a five mile trek through the Piney Woods. Family-friendly trips are scheduled for the early evening hours, while a PG-13 version is available as the clock creeps closer to the witching hour. Also, traverse the underground Tunnel of Doom, now a part of the Creepy Screamin' Maze, an acre-long lineup of frightening effects. Little monsters can scare up a good time at the haunted playhouse.


Texas Scaregrounds
Location: 800 W. Kennedale Parkway
Dates: Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from September 28 - September 30: also open Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from October 5 - October 28 and October 29 - Halloween.

Face four times the fear at Texas Scaregrounds at Kennedale Acres. Don't get severed from your scream mates at Chaos Haunted House, one of the largest gut-wrenching residences in the US, or join the inmates for a mad march through Asylum Haunted House. While you can tremble as your dreams transform into dementia at Nightmares Haunted House, families looking for more fun than fright can hop aboard the Acres of Fear Haunted Hay Ride.


Phantasms Halloween Screampark
Location: 6931 Bennett Lawson Road
Date: Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays September 21 - September 30; Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays October 5 -28 plus October 31, November 2 and 3

Prepare for five times the fright at this haunt. The gruesome grins of big top clowns greet you at Dr. Mead's Circus of Madmen and Monsters, and death is only the beginning at The Haunted Egyptian Temple of Anubis, where visitors unravel the mysteries of the immortal pharaohs. An 8,000-suqare-foot demonic domicile, Mead Manor is filled with the creatures of the night, while at a Nightmare in the House of Wax a crazed wax sculptor pours on the gore with a SAW-inspired attraction that cuts to the bone. Finally, set sail for insanity as you board the Flying Dutchman at Pirates of the Scarebean.


Tayman Graveyard
Location: Between Midlothian and Cedar Hill on Hwy, 67 South.
Dates: every Friday and Saturday from September 28 - October 27 and Halloween.
Enjoy three times the thrills at this Boy Scouts-benefitting attractions, where you feel the claustrophobia-inducing fear of the coffin at Tayman Funeral Home and plunge into the dark abyss of the haunted mine shaft. For an old-fashioned fright, hop on the haunted hay ride.

Red Oak

13th Street Morgue and Reindeer Manor
Location: 410 Houston School Road
Dates: September 30; Friday - Saturday October 1 - October 14; Friday, Saturday and Sunday October 20 - October 29; October 31

Those who like attractions with more shivers than screams, Reindeer Manor offers a virtual theater of the macabre set in a mansion with a truly petrifying past. Scaring souls for more than three decades, the Red Oak residence also offers haunted hayrides, a monster maze and free showings of horror classics.

Also located on the grounds of Reindeer Manor is the 13th Street Morgue, which along with Uncle Stinky's Playhouse completes a triad of terror. Filled with authentic funereal props, this attraction is to die for.

San Antonio

Nightmare on Grayson
Location: 201 East Grayson Street
Dates: September 29 and 30; Fridays, Saturday and Sunday October 6 - 22; October 26 - October 31

Scaring citizens of The Alamo City for nearly 20 years, this haunted attraction also features the family fun of FestEvil, a carnival-style atmosphere complete with flame throwers, a magician, face painting and tarot card and palm readings.


Thrillvania/ Verdun Manor
Location: Interstate 20 and Wilson Road
Dates: Fridays and Saturdays September 22 - 30; Fridays - Sundays October 1 - 29; October 30 - 31

Considered one of the top haunted attractions in the nation, creatures at the thrill park's many different attractions lie in wait to send a shiver up your spine. The horror of "The Island of Dr. Moreau" is conjured up inside haunted Verdun Manor, and the surrounding grounds are no safer as you make your way through Voodoo Bayou. The restless soul of Lady Cassandra torments the trespassers who enter Cassandra's Labyrinth of Terror, and the specters who roam the estate are gathered together at Granny Lupus's Seance Theatre. Go to the venue's official web site to sign up for a $2 coupon.

Texas City

Phobia Haunted Houses
Location: I-45 South at Mall of the Mainland
Dates: September 29 and every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from October 5 - 28 as well as October 29 - 31.

Operated by the same masters of mayhem that have produced Houston's Phobia Haunted Houses since 1996, experience double the dread at Mania and Darke World.


Museum of Horrors
Location: North of Waco I-35 and Exit 345
Dates: Fridays and Saturdays October 6 - October 21; nightly October 25 - October 31

Patrons can enjoy twice the terror at this facility, which houses both the Museum of Horrors and The Chainsaw Nightmare Haunted House, which brings the iconic fright flick to life. Before your blood runs cold from fear, donate a pint at the Red Cross blood drive, which takes place on the grounds of the facility on October 6 and 7-- free admission and a T-shirt are awarded to those who give one pint.


Above: Asylum at Waxahachie's Screams Halloween Theme Park, called the world's largest Halloween theme park.

Photo courtesy Screams


Screams Halloween Theme Park
Location: 2511 FM 66
Date: every Friday and Saturday September 28 - October 27 and October 28

As All Hallow's Eve nears, the grounds of Scarborough Renaissance Festival are transformed into The World's Largest Halloween Theme Park, where medieval mayhem awaits those who dare to enter the Castle of Darkness, the venue's most popular attraction. Anarchy reigns inside the Arcane Asylum, while a crazed clown causes chaos at Terror Visions In 3D and time traveling trick- or-treaters can get sucked into The Black Hole and encounter a T-Rex and history's most notorious night stalker, Jack The Ripper. Tiny terrors 12 and under can enjoy the park's fear-free zone, Spooky Hollow.

Wichita Falls

Not So Scary Halloween
Location: River Bend Nature Center
Date: October 13

For an old-fashioned, family-oriented evening, dress the kids in costumes and enjoy live entertainment, camp fire food and nature activities.

Wills Point

Darkwood Haunted Mall
Location: 239 N. 4th St.
Date: Fridays and Saturdays October 5 - October 27; also open October 29, 30 and 31

We all know that shopping can be a nightmare, and nowhere is it more so than in this monster-filled mall. 3D Mania will magnify the terror as groups of 4-6 people try to escape 21 rooms and a haunted elevator.


Lafitte's Landing
Location: 902 W. Kirby
Dates: Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays September 28 - September 30;
Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays October 5 - October 28 and October 31

For the adventure-lover looking for more gasps than gore from their Halloween, this lavish pirate-themed production will shiver your timbers. Although far less graphic than many haunts, the action-packed attraction may still be too intense for children, and kids under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult. Texas Travel Guide on Facebook

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