Midland, Texas

When: early to mid-September

Where: Museum of the Southwest at 1301 West Missouri in Midland, Texas.

As Mother Nature begins to display an palette of vibrant fall hues, 85 artists set up booths beneath the shade of the turning leaves on the grounds of the Museum of the Southwest to showcase equally colorful canvases and handmade jewelry that sparkles in the sunlight during a two-day ode to autumn.

Events: Every dog has his day, and for the world's smallest canine companions that day is the second Saturday in September, when the pint-sized pups line up for the Ay Chihuahua Parade, named in honor of Midland's sister city, Chihuahua, Mexico. Dress your pet in doggie duds for a chance at the cutest costume prize. Awards will also be handed out for pampered pooches with the biggest attitude, loudest bark and best in parade.

Children's Activities: Young festival attendees can enjoy a fun-filled area all their own at Kinderfest, where they can cuddle cute critters at the petting zoo and saddle up for slow-paced pony ride or learn to create sand art, paper flowers and jewelry in a workshop for wee ones. At the Fredda Turner Durham Children's Museum, adjacent to the Museum of the Southwest, tots can discover a land of Lilliputian proportions at "My Town," where kids can play inside a mini bank, grocery store, restaurant and TV station.

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