Across the Border

Texas travelers find it easy to cross over the international border that separates the US and Mexico. Throughout Texas, the line is marked by the Rio Grande River (called the Rio Bravo in Mexico), a divider that winds through both rugged terrain and twin cities that share cultural, family and business ties on both sides of the border.

Border crossings are fastest on foot; crossing by car can mean a wait of literally hours to return to the US. You'll find markets just over the border in Nuevo Laredo; in cities such as Juarez, Ciudad Acuña and Matamoros, a short taxi ride will take you to shopping districts and mercados.


NOTE: There has been a huge increase in violent crime recently, much of it centered in Nuevo Laredo. Check with:

US Department of State Information on required documentation for entering Mexico and returning to the US.

US Department of State Tips for travelers to Mexico.

Texas-Mexico Border Destinations

Ciudad Acuña


Nuevo Laredo

Piedras Negras

Texas-New Mexico Border Destinations

Southern New Mexico

Beyond the Border



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